Does Grace really know much about me?

Inspired by John Adams from Dadbloguk who recently uploaded a Vlog titled #GetToKnowDad   I thought I would do the same with Grace, bearing in mind she’s only 4yrs old her answers were random and with some prompting from me. But still it was only a bit of fun…. Maybe I should do this every year with the same questions, but she what different answers … Continue reading Does Grace really know much about me?

You’re such a Bear Grylls wannabe

Every now and then friends, work colleagues and even members of my family question me ” why do I do Scouting?”, you don’t get paid for scouting so why would you spend all your free time and not get a single penny for giving up that precious time, the Young people’s Parents see you as a free child care evening or weekend when you go … Continue reading You’re such a Bear Grylls wannabe


I’m always getting moaned at by my wife and Daughter to “have a shave” ” every time you kiss me you cause a rash with your stuble” in a nut shell I hate Shaving,  its such a parlava. I would much rather pay to have a cut throat razor at my Barber than dangle over the bathroom sink and shave myself. If you look at … Continue reading REVIEW: THE WILKINSON SWORD HYDRO 5 RAZOR

Great Gift ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just a few weeks away- Sunday June 18th 2017, Ive come up with some ideas for the Camping Dad that will show your dad how much you love and appreciate him – and know him! TBS- The Ultimate Fire Steel Buy it here This is my go to Fire steel, a used fire steel that gives out a good spark for the … Continue reading Great Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Another Random week….

So its bank holiday weekend, it’s a nice Friday evening and everyone else is fast asleep..but for how long is the question?? We were meant to be going away for a weekends camping trip teaming up with The Caravan & motor home Club who are launching a new cycle festival to encourage families to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors cycling. Unfortunately … Continue reading Another Random week….

Mother Nature vs Mr Tumble 

 As parents, we are “trying our best” to make a conscious effort to encourage our little Monkeys to play outside whenever they/we can. When it’s cold- put another layer on & a hat, when it’s raining- put a coat and wellies on., when its sunny- put suncream on, hat and sun glasses on! Me & my wife always encourage our kids to have some outdoor … Continue reading Mother Nature vs Mr Tumble 

How to make a back garden Wildlife Pond

Inspired by the latest RSPB- Home campaign to encourage wildlife into our back gardens, I decided I would take on their “Create a mini pond” project.   It’s exciting to watch pond skaters, water lice (like long-legged underwater woodlice), freshwater shrimps, and if you’re lucky, a few damselflies darting around the water. You might even see a bird having a bath.   Spring is a … Continue reading How to make a back garden Wildlife Pond

Peppa Pig The Movie 

Our 1st family blogging event took place last weekend at an amazing cinema on Shaftsbury avenue called The Picture House,  I’ve never been to this cinema before and was very impressed with the nice comfy reclining chairs, and decor. This event was also the first visit to a cinema for Grace. The event was the launch of the brand new Peppa Pig, ‘my 1st cinema … Continue reading Peppa Pig The Movie