Another Random week….

So its bank holiday weekend, it’s a nice Friday evening and everyone else is fast asleep..but for how long is the question?? We were meant to be going away for a weekends camping trip teaming up with The Caravan & motor home Club who are launching a new cycle festival to encourage families to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors cycling. Unfortunately … Continue reading Another Random week….

Peppa Pig The Movie 

Our 1st family blogging event took place last weekend at an amazing cinema on Shaftsbury avenue called The Picture House,  I’ve never been to this cinema before and was very impressed with the nice comfy reclining chairs, and decor. This event was also the first visit to a cinema for Grace. The event was the launch of the brand new Peppa Pig, ‘my 1st cinema … Continue reading Peppa Pig The Movie 

Make a Camp Whisk from your old Christmas Tree

It’s nearly the end of March and still the dumped Christmas trees keep appearing in the streets where I live in London.   A couple of weeks ago, one was thrown over my Scout Hall walls and I thought, “Aha! I can now make the camp whisk I have been wanting to make since being shown how to by a fellow Scout Leader and Bushscout, Mr Colin Wreyford”. I got the tree into … Continue reading Make a Camp Whisk from your old Christmas Tree

Tips for taking young children Camping

  Recently after the numerous appearances of my Daughter- Producer Grace on the recent vlogs & Podcasts, I’ve been asked if I have any tips/advice on taking young children i.e. Babies/toddlers camping. It got me thinking as I haven’t taken Grace camping yet as she’s a bit young and hasn’t hinted to me that she wants to go camping at night. We’ve done camping in … Continue reading Tips for taking young children Camping

Review on a Basic Carving Course I attended

I recently attended a basic carving day run by a very talented scout leader. I set off nice and early on a Sunday morning for a 1 hour drive, I didn’t know much about the course, what it would entail, I knew that I had 1 project I wanted to achieve by the end of the course – a beetle. It’s basically a wooden mallet … Continue reading Review on a Basic Carving Course I attended